Writing Your Dream

Lately, I have noticed the number of people who appear to be attempting to become published writers. I suppose with the state of the economy everyone is trying to make money in whatever way they can, with many aiming to be the new J K Rowling or Stephen King. Although I have several friends who have managed, successfully to forge a writing career there are many that haven’t.

I have been writing since I was in junior school, for sixty years in fact. Even though I have had some success with poetry, articles, short stories and academic works I am still trying to get that novel written and published. My main problem at the moment is distribution of time, trying to juggle writing for fun and profit with studying for an academic degree.

The best advice I can give anyone who wants to write, for whatever reason, is read as many books as possible and enrol on a good writing course. If you cannot afford a writing course, then join a good writers group run by an experienced published author, preferably one that has some teaching experience.

Whatever you do, don’t become disillusioned. Write something every day, even if it is just a few lines. Don’t presume that because your family says your work is good that it is. Keep on striving to do better, the way to achieve this is by practice and learning. Listen to what others have to say. Don’t be offended when people trash your work, as they probably will at some time, just reflect upon what they say and look for ways to make improvements.

Work towards your goal a little at a time. Don’t set your sights too high and you won’t be disappointed. Remember any success is better than none. © Brenda Diskin 2015


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