Staying Positive When Life Feels Like Crap

It's not easy to remain positive when life slaps you in the face but when you are feeling down negativity just makes it worse. I wouldn't expect you to walk around with a 'Cheshire Cat Grin' as people will think you've escaped from the Shining film set or the local asylum. What I am saying is, a good morning or a nice smile could well make someone's day and will certainly make you feel better.

Remaining positive is about trusting that 'the powers that be' will sort things out in a favourable manner.

A tough one. Sounds like a load of rubbish doesn't it? Okay, let's put it in a different way. Briefly, everything is composed of energy; that is, everything is composed of atoms which are made up of protons, neutrons (together called nucleons) and electrons. We were taught from a young age, by the use of magnets, that positive repels positive. If this is the case how does maintaining a positive outlook attract positivity?

There is another force that is many times stronger than the electromagnetic force which is refered to by physicists as the 'strong force' or 'nuclear force', which is the force that holds particles together in the atomic nucleus.The neucleons in the nucleus (the positively charged core) of the atom constantly emit virtual particles (mesons) and they exchange these mesons with other like-particles from another nucleon or themselves and it is this interaction that creates the 'strong force' that holds the nucleus of the atom together; and, therefore, also holds all of physical reality together.

Everything that exists has intelligence and memory. Thoughts are virtual particles. Attraction would not exist without the exchange of thoughts; the exchange of virtual particles.

Basically, positive thoughts attract positivity just as negative thoughts attract negativity. So it is important to transmit the right kind of thoughts to receive the right kind of result.

You don't need to use complicated methods, affirmations, mantra's  or visualisation techniques (although these may help some people to focus).

What I am asking you to do here, is push the negative thoughts aside and replace them with something that makes you feel happy. It doesn't matter what you think about as long as it makes you feel good. Try to do this every time you feel down and it will soon become habit. See what a difference it makes to your life, how things start to fall into place. Miracles take a lot more work, but this will certainly help with your daily needs.
Copyright Brenda Diskin 2018


  1. Feeling quite sad today and I don't really know why.
    My quote for the day:
    "Try to stay positive no matter what life throws at you but don't build your hopes too high because that light at the end of the tunnel may only be a fire-fly."
    What I am trying to say is: Sometimes you have to keep your feet on the ground and not get too elated about things. The only life you have control over is yours, sometimes other people and events get in the way of what you want. Try to keep positive through it all, if it is meant to be it will come to you. Brenda Diskin 2018
    Have a great day and live it as though it is your last. xxxx


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