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Sat here looking out at the garden, with ideas buzzing around my head. Need to practise using the pa equipment and find out the other stuff I need. They so lie when they say this stuff is portable. I love a bit of stress it helps you come up with the best plans. I can't say all is good with the world but while I have ideas then things will work out. My books are selling, slowly but selling. Had three lots of royalties so far, whoopee I can afford breakfast for two at Wetherspoon. Lol. Joking aside I am just grateful that someone appreciates my work and the huge amount of effort that goes into it. I am a very complex person but what you see is what you get, I say it like it is. People either love me or hate me there is no in between. It is no good trying to analyse me as even I don't know what I am about. I love my family, a few good friends and my furry babies and will do anything within my power for them. I enjoy what I do and am happy if it keeps the wolf from the door. I don't hanker after fame or fortune but I do like to be appreciated. I hate false people if you have a problem with me just say so and if you want to know something about me just ask, I have nothing to hide. I will help people whenever I can and ask for nothing in return. But like most people I do have a dark side.

I have been battling with some physical health issues over the past couple of years or so which have left my energy levels lower than normal and have made me a bit flat workwise. Over the past couple of months I have started to notice some changes. The energy levels are starting to peak again and I have been experiencing some of the old excitement (relating to my work) returning. Other people are also feeling these changes within in me I have noticed it in the way people are reacting to me. Some of these reactions are positive but a few have been very negative indeed.
At the moment I am going through the process of 'flushing out' my body and mind. I know all of this is leading to new things and being involved with new people. Not necessarily a new pathway but certainly an improved one.
Over the years I have practised meditation, self-healing, cleansing and detoxifying (these few things will always be a part of my spiritual pathway and evolution). At times I have dabbled with affirmations, self-love, tapping, mantras, visualisation, love thy enemy, etc, etc. In latter years I ditched all these things in favour of positivity, the power of the mind and complete trust in the Universe to provide me with what I need. In fact ditched all the stuff that I don’t have time for as I am too busy living and working. This has given me a deep rooted sense of peace. Yes I still worry, yes the occasional negative thought slips through, yes I still feel emotional pain, yes my body still hurts at times, yes I sometimes feel down; but I don't wallow in these things, I work with them and turn them to my advantage.
Anyway I am looking forward to working new venues, meeting new people and welcoming back some of the ones I already know. I have something new and exciting planned for the autumn so watch this space for more news xxx


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