Psychometry: Everything, animate or inanimate, has a life force energy. This LFE holds the history of where that particular thing has been or is now; it will not hold information about the future because it has not been there. The ground beneath your feet, the bricks and mortar of your house, the table you eat your breakfast at, the chair you sit on, the photograph of great aunt Maud, the jewellery you wear, your clothes, your mobile phone, the list is endless; all these things hold LFE.
A psychic or medium can 'tap' in to this energy and pick up situations that the item has experienced, information on the people who have owned it. You actually don't need have owned the object for a long time. All that is needed is for the psychic or medium to hold the object and form a connection to the energy vibrations. Depending on how good that connection is, much useful and comforting information can be relayed.
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