Psychic Ability Gift or Curse

Yes, okay, I know we all have this ability and whether we use it is down to choice, lifestyle, other abilities that we are more suited to, training etc. But what I am on about here, is those of us who do use it on a regular basis; how do we feel about it?

Personally, I have always enjoyed the buzz I get when you see the comforted or joyous expression on someone's face when you have tapped into the energy source that once was a living person, their loved one; giving them some snippet of knowledge that is way beyond normal thinking, something only they could know. Whether you have charged for it or not (topic of another blog?), that buzz is your reward. It is not about ego, it is the satisfaction of using your ability to help someone in their grief. Giving them the proof that their loved ones live on in their hearts, minds and the energy that surrounds them in their daily lives.

Being within that energy, within the personality that once was, can be a great feeling in itself especially if the personality was a happy one with many wonderful memories. It can make you feel good for days. Any of you who have been there will know what I mean.
That is the gift, the blessing.

For me the Mediumship is both a gift and a non-gift. I prefer not to refer to bad stuff as a curse (although, many a time I have cursed those that ring me at 3am looking for a reading, not literally but I have uttered a few choice swear words) because most of the time some good does come from the not-so-good. By the not so good I mean what I used to refer to as 'my little stories' (explanations later) where I can be talking to someone and an 'idea' flies into my head and refuses to shift. Once this 'idea' is lodged there it grows and clarifies and I know that it is not wrong and it will stick until I do something about it. Often it is painful and takes me along another pathway, sometimes sweeping people from my life such as you would dead leaves.

Then there are the energies of those that need to be found. I don't go looking for them, they find me. This happens in various ways, a relative may come to me, they energy will engage with me during meditation or sleep, or I may walk into that energy while pursuing other activities like walking the dog. I try to analyse every piece of 'evidence' I am given, sometimes with much success, other times less so depending on how people act upon information I pass on. In the past these incidents have left me feeling more than sad; devastated. In later years I have been lucky in that much of this evidence now comes through in the trance state which puts less strain on the emotions.

Investigating the evidence is a totally different thing. As a remote viewer I witness every little thing, sometimes through a victims eyes, but if it helps to catch those responsible then something good has come from it.

Now tell me, do you think it is a gift or a curse?

Copyright Brenda Diskin 2016


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