On Spirit Guides

Coral Polge was one of the most amazing and talented spirit artists of our time, and one that I had the pleasure of knowing. This is an example of her work. Besides drawing your long lost relations she also drew 'guides'. Personally I believe that all spirit connections are made by tapping into the residual energy that is left behind after the earthly vessel ( the body) has passed away. Call it the soul, spirit, ghost or whatever it is still composed of energy of the same chemical make up that it had when it resided within its host. The better you are at connecting with this energy, the more 'spirits' you will be able to reach, even those that resided further back in time. Sometimes a particular residual energy will connect with our own energy, a soul connection if you like, and will stay with us for a long period of time. This energy when combined with our own will help us to develop spiritually in the way that we are supposed to. This is why this type of energy is often referred to as as 'your guide', 'helper', 'gatekeeper', etc. This energy will appear to you in a form that you can easily accept according to your religious and personal, belief systems, e.g. Angels, fairies, grandmother figure, famous person, loved one, etc.
Copyright Brenda Diskin February 2016
Photo copyright Brenda Diskin. Original Psychic Art Picture by Coral Polge


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