Newcomers To Witchcraft

For those of you who are thinking about walking a witchy pathway I would like to offer a little advice about 'Responsibility'. Whether you decide to work alone or with others, it is up to you to be responsible for you own actions. As soon as you do any kind of spellwork you are affecting the lives of others.Every action has a 'cause and effect', whether the result is pleasant or chaotic is in your hands. Whenever you embark on creating a spell there is always an intention. This intention should always be very specific and suited to what you are trying to manifest. Always be mindful of the intention and of the ensuing result. For instance if asking for money always be specific about where this money should come from, you don't want your favourite auntie meeting her demise and leaving you her life savings. Always open up safe avenues from which this money could come. Love spells are another thing, while it is quiet acceptable to cast a spell to make yourself more appealing to others so that people are attracted to you in general, it is not a good idea to aim a love spell at an individual because you are then attempting to control that persons life. Ask yourself would you be happy in a relationship with someone you put a spell on? You would always be wondering whether they were with you because they wanted to be or because you had willed them to be. That person would no longer be the free spirit that you fell in love with in the first place. What happens if you get fed up with them? It is not so easy to shake off someone who is bound to you by magickal means. Always remember, what you send out you get back. If you want someone out of your life make sure you move them on to something that will enrich their lives and not just do it it to get them out of your hair. Have a magickal day.
Copyright B.Diskin 1996


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