Free is not always instant

And I wonder why I backed off from Spiritual stuff. Now please don't take this the wrong way. I will quite happily be there to help people and give free advice (sometimes giving up to two hours of my time) but I will not be a doormat. Also I will not always be able to drop everything to speak to you there and then. I will not send lengthy text messages as it is difficult with arthritic fingers to press small keys. In the past four days I have had six email messages 10 phone calls and three PM's on FB all asking for free help and advice (friends are not included in this as I am there for you anytime day or night).All but three have received advice, etc. The other three are as follows: one wanted me to speak to a friend about some paranoia activity in their house (don't even go there). I asked them to call back in half an hour as I had someone with me at the time. They never called back despite me putting my essay on hold to be ready for their call. (Anyone who writes will tell you once you get a train of thought it has to be put on paper because if it is interrupted it is gone, usually forever.) Number two was asked to call in the afternoon but never did despite, confirming. Luckily I was only pricing up stock. The third takes the prize. Me, "Can you give me 10 minutes I am just eating my lunch." Her, "Well, if you can't talk to me now you can go and f*** yourself." Excuse me, it was you that wanted the free help, not the other way around.

What is it with people? Big changes are in the pipeline. I am now off to do an email reading and to try and finish my essay so please don't be offended if I ignore the phone because just one PPI, accident or industrial injury call and you are in for a tongue lashing, Lol. The sun is out  the sky is blue, have a great day everyone. x © Brenda Diskin 2015


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