Re-inventing Myself Healthwise and Spiritually

16th October 2018. Starting weight 13st7.8lbs. Day two on a healthier eating plan, also taking magnesium and turmeric. Wearing a magnetic back brace at the moment to help improve posture and ease my back pain and to take some of the pressure off my chest and stomach. Need to see how it goes. Got appointment with doctor Friday to see about stopping or changing medication. Going through a complete transformation physically, mentally and spiritually. 

At the moment I am only eating 1 good sized meal per day. 2 slimfast shakes per day 2 x 400mg of Magnesium Citrate and 400mg of Turmeric. I am eating a normal meal just less of it. i am snacking on grapes when I feel the need for something to eat. I drink fresh orange juice, black coffee and water. I allow myself 2 snacks up to 150 calories each if I need them. Exercise is minimal at the moment until my breathing problems improve a little.

19th October. Now at day 5 and have lost 2.4lbs. Which, although not a lot, is positive. Plus I have made some decisions about my future work.


  1. Now at day 10 weight 13st 8lbs. Not feeling hungry as I am not depriving myself just eating more sensibly. Have resisted the urge to eat puddings and cakes. Exercise has remained at walking round shops etc, as still having problems with my breathing and pain not helped by a nasty flu-like bug that seems to have imitated every single health issue I have and increased it ten fold. The back brace has gone by the way as it was cutting under my arms but I am making a conscious effort to try and keep my back as straight as possible. The GERD is still playing up and protesting at anything I eat but the pain when consuming food has gone as has the feeling of being eight and a half months pregnant. Looks like I am on the right track just need to keep it up. Got a big show coming up in December and need to be able to get into a dress. Onwards and upwards.


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