Working with 'Spirit' isn't as easy as people think

When some people enter the psychic world they think it is an easy way to make money They don't realise the path is littered with pain (both physical and emotional), hate, fear, jealousy, deceit, poverty, hard work loneliness, grief and sometimes even danger. If it is not all love and light why do we do it? We do it because there are people out there who really do need help and guidance sometimes these people pay for our services, sometimes they are our one for spirit (our giving back). The sheer joy and elation you feel from helping someone far outweighs all the bad. We are not talking about ego here we are talking about an overwhelming sense of happiness and peace.

In the course of my work I often have information that has been gained through psychic or mediumistic means that needs to be passed on but has to be fine tuned before it is ready to be presented to the appropriate authorities or other parties.

No-one fully understands the sorrow that overwhelms you when you experience the last moments of someone's life. I am not talking about sitting by a loved ones beside as their life slips away, although that is a pain I would not wish upon anyone.

I am talking about a deep set sense of sorrow and uselessness when you are connecting with the energy of a murder victim.

You know certain things, you can 'see' surroundings, road names, faces, even what happened. You know names, numbers, facts, figures, but unless you can get those pieces of the puzzle to fit tightly together without forcing them into places you think they might fit, all these things are useless. You want to get it right, you want to help the 'spirit' to rest, to help those left behind to get closure.

When you are dealing with sensitive cases that involve not only the police but higher authorities you cannot afford to be wrong. You cannot go in with patchy information, you need beyond a doubt proof and trustworthy allies or you could find yourself in a very sticky situation indeed.

As much as you want to help, as much as you need to fix that instinctive ache in your gut you have to take a step back and sit on the information until you either get the ultimate proof or decide it is time to let it go. This is no time for ego, no time to want fame and fortune, it is pure and simple down to earth common sense.

As for sending the 'spirit' into the light, you will be wasting your time, in my opinion and experience, as the energetic link that is formed between you is needing closure and this energy cannot be dispersed until such time as closure is given or it is ready to be absorbed into a like energy form.

Closure can sometimes be in the form of recognition of the situation and what occurred as sometimes ultimate proof is not available.

Copyright Bren Diskin 2018. xxx


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