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How It All Started

I wrote my first book when I was just 8 years old it was an anthology which I illustrated myself, it was for a class end of term school project. I remember leaving it until the last minute and sat up until two in the morning to get it finished to take to school that day. My mum was not very happy as she had to stay up with me. But the hard work paid off and I got an A+. Unfortunately the school hung on to the book for a parent/teacher evening and I never saw it again. Since then I have written many articles, poems and stories, several of which have been published and I have been paid for. One of my stories was published in the Brixton Prison magazine “True Colours.” I have published four pamphlet size books (A Little Bit of Spirit, A Little Bit of Soul, Ghostly Experiences and When Spirit Calls) which are now out of print. The full version (38000 words) of When Spirit answer was first published as an ebook on Smashwords in 2013 (where it is still available); mainly beca…