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Working with 'Spirit' isn't as easy as people think

When some people enter the psychic world they think it is an easy way to make money They don't realise the path is littered with pain (both physical and emotional), hate, fear, jealousy, deceit, poverty, hard work loneliness, grief and sometimes even danger. If it is not all love and light why do we do it? We do it because there are people out there who really do need help and guidance sometimes these people pay for our services, sometimes they are our one for spirit (our giving back). The sheer joy and elation you feel from helping someone far outweighs all the bad. We are not talking about ego here we are talking about an overwhelming sense of happiness and peace.

In the course of my work I often have information that has been gained through psychic or mediumistic means that needs to be passed on but has to be fine tuned before it is ready to be presented to the appropriate authorities or other parties.

No-one fully understands the sorrow that overwhelms you when you experience …