To Charge Or Not To Charge

Over the years I have heard many people say that charging for psychic/spiritual readings is wrong. In my opinion if you use any ability or skill as your work you should charge. You wouldn't expect a mechanic to mend your car for nothing or a masseur to give you a free treatment, so why would you expect someone to give you a free reading?

We all need money to live on and in these days of job uncertainty and lack of employment we often have to call upon the skills we have to survive. Whether you sew, paint, make furniture, do gardening or read the Tarot it is irrelevant. Everything takes time and energy to produce and that includes giving a reading.

I always know if there is someone that I shouldn't charge for whatever reason and I call this my 'one for the Universe (or spirit if you prefer)'. Unfortunately in this day and age we cannot say we are not money orientated because life is money orientated. We have to pay for a roof over our heads, our food, our clothes, our heating bills, taxes, etc. So it stands to reason that we need to have money. If the source of that money comes from what some people refer to as a God given gift so be it. In fact it is a 'gift' we all possess, a skill, which we can use as we would any other skill.

Copyright Brenda Diskin 2015


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